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K2 Vision is a surgical vision correction practice dedicated exclusively to two of the industry’s most advanced procedures — Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Implanted Collamer Lens (ICL).

Our practice is built on a very simple core belief: every patient, throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, deserves the chance for crystal-clear vision!

To accomplish this, you need to have options at your disposal beyond LASIK and standard cataract surgery. Vision correction means meeting the needs of you and your eyes, no matter how complex those needs may be.

At K2 Vision, we’ve dedicated our decades in practice to these complex needs, and we want you to experience the outcome for yourself.

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Trusted Lynnwood Eye Surgeons

Dr. Andrew Kopstein, MD, eye surgeon at K2 Vision Seattle North in Lynnwood, WA

Andrew Kopstein, M.D.

Andrew Kopstein, M.D., is a board-certified ophthalmologist and vision correction surgeon who has spent decades as the Pacific Northwest’s foremost expert in advanced vision correction procedures, performing over 50,000 of them to date.

Dr. Kopstein’s unique blend of experience, expert training, and specialized focus on RLE and ICL has enabled him to become one of a small number of physicians nationwide with a practice solely devoted to advanced eye surgeries.

Dr. Kopstein has been performing RLE and ICL procedures for over 20 years, and his breadth of experience with a variety of artificial lenses means that he can tailor the outcomes of your surgery to your precise needs.

Dr. Joseph King, MD, eye surgeon at K2 Vision Seattle North in Lynnwood, WA

Joseph King, M.D.

Joseph King, M.D., is the co-founder of K2 Vision and the most widely-known LASIK surgeon in the Pacific Northwest. He has performed over 150,000 vision correction procedures over the course of his career — improving the lives of tens of thousands of people in the process! He is also a LASIK patient himself, which means that he truly understands on a personal level what it means to undergo such a life-changing vision correction surgery!

His incredible level of skill and experience has made him the premier choice for LASIK in the Pacific Northwest, and counts aviators, sharpshooters, military navigators, and professional athletes among those who have trusted him with their high-stakes vision surgery.

Between Dr. Kopstein and Dr. King, K2 Vision leverages more than 200,000 combined surgeries to solve any complex vision problem our patients have. With this expertise in your backyard, why go anywhere else?

Dr. Joseph King, MD, eye surgeon at K2 Vision Seattle North in Lynnwood, WA

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Surgical Vision Correction in Lynnwood

Every day, patients are told that they aren’t the best fit for LASIK or cataract surgery, but we know that isn’t the end of the story. We encourage patients to look into RLE and ICL and come in for a consultation to see if one might be right for you.

Couple smiling at K2 Vision Seattle North in Lynnwood, WA


As your eye ages, the eye’s crystalline lens naturally deteriorates and causes gradual vision loss. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is a surgery in which the lens is removed and replaced with a premium implant — an intraocular lens (IOL) — that will restore vision to the highest degree possible.

Previously, lens replacement was only done if you had a cataract. Today, your options for vision correction are less limited. RLE is performed before a cataract develops, in response to a condition that we call Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome, or DLS. In this case, the lens is replaced when it starts to cause vision issues. This stops presbyopia in its tracks and prevents cataracts from forming in the future.

Like cataract surgery, RLE is a simple outpatient procedure that takes less than 10 minutes to perform.

Not sure if your vision loss is being caused by cataracts? A consultation with one of our experienced eye surgeons can help you get some much-needed clarity about whether you’re a good fit for RLE or if you’d be better served by cataract surgery.

Woman smiling at K2 Vision Seattle North in Lynnwood, WA


An Implanted Collamer Lens (ICL) procedure is another quick, outpatient surgery that typically lasts less than 10 minutes. In ICL, a phakic IOL made of natural material is placed in front of the eye’s existing crystalline lens without the removal of corneal tissue or the natural lens.

Unlike LASIK, ICL precisely reshapes from within, in a way that causes less damage to the cornea and poses a lower risk for dry eye.

ICL is a great option for people who may not be able to undergo LASIK due to astigmatism and severe myopia, as well as insufficient corneal thickness. During a consultation, your K2 Vision surgeon will be able to help you decide if ICL is the right choice to correct your vision and improve your quality of life.

Proudly Serving Lynnwood

We’re proud to provide top-notch vision correction surgery to Lynnwood and the surrounding areas, including Alderwood, Perrinville, Martha Lake, Larch Way, Beverly Acres, Meadowdale, Canyon Park, Seattle, Everett, and more.

Lynnwood is a place known for its abundance of parks and natural areas, including Scriber Lake and Wilcox Park. There are miles and miles of recreational trails, and locations for special activities like golfing or water sports. At K2 Vision, we want to provide advanced options for people in the region to be able enjoy these sights and activities free of the inconvenience of corrective eyewear.

Driving Directions

We’re located at 19031 33rd Ave. W #310 Lynnwood, WA 98036

If you’re coming from the south, get on I-5 N heading north. After getting through Mountlake Terrace, use the right two lanes to take exit 181A for 44th Ave W toward Lynnwood, passing the Embassy Suites on your right. Make a left onto 44th Ave W and continue for 0.3 miles. When you pass the Taste of Pho  restaurant on your right, make the next right onto Alderwood Mall Blvd. Go 0.8 miles and turn left onto 33rd Ave W, where we’ll be in front of the Michael’s.

If you’re coming from the north, get on I-5 S heading south. When you see the Everett Mall on your right, continue another 6.3 miles south until you reach exit 181 to merge onto WA-524 W/196th St SW. This will go for 1.1 miles, then, turn right onto 36th Ave. W in front of the Lynnwood Convention Center. In another 0.5 miles, turn right onto 188th St. SW, and 0.1 miles later make another right onto 33rd Ave. W. We’ll be 0.2 miles ahead on your left in the same plaza as SmartTalent Lynnwood.