Your Surgery:
A Message From Dr. Kopstein

Welcome to K2 Vision! In an effort to enhance your surgical experience, we offer the following guidelines for our most common procedures, RLE and ICL.

Prior to your surgery

It is important to keep your eye clean.

We recommend thorough cleaning of the eyelashes, particularly for those wearing makeup, each night for one week before your surgery date. You can find OTC “lid wipes” or “lid scrubs” in any drug store. The idea here is to keep the eyelids as free as possible from any bacteria or make-up particles.

We recommend non preserved (twist-off tops) or transiently preserved (Systane Ultra) artificial tears four times daily prior to surgery to maximize the quality of the tear film and to aid in the healing process. Take these tears at least 5 minutes after any medicated drops to avoid dilution of the medicine.

We recommend starting the prescription eye drops that you receive during your surgery scheduling appointment three days prior to surgery, four times per day in order to improve comfort during the brief procedure and to reduce bacteria from the ocular surface.

Surgery Day

Plan to be in the surgery center for 2-3 hours.

Please arrive at the office at least 90 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure. This will give enough time for check-in, dilation and topical anesthesia to have its intended effect.

Please wear comfortable clothing (sweatpants, etc.). You will be provided feet and hair coverings.

Please avoid any makeup or perfume on the day of surgery.

There is no need to fast, but we recommend light meals on the day of surgery.

Please let us know if you have any particular anesthesia concerns. 99% of our cases are accomplished with topical “gel” anesthesia.

Expect a 5-10 minute procedure, a brief post-op period during which you will receive post-op instructions, and then discharge when you are comfortable.

After your surgery

Please return to your normal activities with the following exceptions.

Take all recommended eye drops on schedule. On the first day, use your drops four times THAT DAY, even if applying drops every hour until bedtime.

Please do not touch or rub your eye. If it is irritated, use the medicated drops and artificial tears.

Try to close the eye for a few hours immediately after the procedure. A nap is highly recommended.

Please avoid driving until the following day. You will be given a mild sedative and may feel a bit off-balance while you recover from surgery, particularly after surgery on the first eye.

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