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“Refractive lens exchange is an excellent procedure for those patients over the age of 50 to 55 years old who are struggling with their distance and up close vision. Having performed tens of thousands of lens based procedures in my career, I’m excited to share with you the life changing results and visual freedom you can expect with refractive lens exchange (RLE) at K2 Vision!”

~ Dr. Andrew Kopstein

“I am so very thankful for the entire staff at K2 Vision. Everyone there is amazing and friendly; they made me feel very comfortable and assisted me in improving my life with drastically enhanced vision.”


Improve Your Quality of Life

Imagine what it would be like to get up in the morning and not fumble around for your glasses. Imagine having the freedom to fully enjoy outdoor activities without having to worry about glasses or contacts.

Before you think about getting refractive lens exchange (RLE), make sure you’re a candidate for RLE by requesting a free consultation with one of our experts.

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We are dedicated to providing the safest, most effective treatments for all of our patients. We look forward to connecting with you at our upcoming webinar!

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